Walmart Holiday Toy Gift Guide


Hello, mamas! It’s that time of year. You know the time when we start thinking of what toys to get your kids for the holidays. Well, I have teamed up with Walmart to give you the ultimate toy gift guide.

Toy Robots

Walmart Toy Gift Guide

Clark and Stone literally give me a list every year the day after Thanksgiving. The list is always filled with toys that they would like for Christmas. They also have a toy list for Nanna, Granddad, and Grandpa Jack so I forward it directly to them. As a  mom, I turn to Walmart for Clark and Stone’s toy shopping. I love Walmart’s everyday low prices and the convenience of two-day shipping. This is especially important to me now that we are social distancing. Gone are the days of feeling comfortable in a store with tons of shoppers last-minute shopping. Now, I can shop for my boys in the comfort of my own home. And, I can get most things within 48hrs thanks to Walmart’s hassle-free shipping. You can actually refine your shopping experience by choosing to see products that offer two day or overnight shipping.  In-store pick up is also an option for you too.

As moms, we love a good deal. This is why I choose Walmart for my family. The prices are always spot on for me. I also turn to Walmart for Clark and Stone’s back to school selections. The sweatsuit that Stone is wearing is also from Walmart. Stone is obsessed with Beyblades. It’s one of his favorite toys and this is the third year I have purchased them from Walmart. It’s because they always have a great selection and I can get them right away.

This year he chose the Beyblade Burst Hypersphere Vortex Climb Battle set.  Don’t ask me what Beyblades are exactly. They look like fancy spin tops to me but Clark and Stone are obsessed. This is one more really cool set, according to Stone, to add to his collection.

Clark selected the Ninja Bots 2 Pack Hilarious Battling Robots. Clark has always been obsessed with robots. His bedroom is filled with robots and basketball so this gift was fitting to who he is as a kid. I think these robots are hilarious because the “weapons” are tennis rackets and shoes. How funny is that? Stone got to open Clark’s gift since he wasn’t at home when we took photos.  Needless to say, there was a bit of a struggle after Clark got home. Clark loves the robots and even I’ve jumped in on the fun too. The boys are so happy with their early gifts for the holiday year.

Okay, mamas! I hope you are ready for the holiday season. Walmart has all of your toy needs for your little ones this year. I hope you enjoy this list as well. I really had the boys pick out everything they love. The funny thing is Stone picked out a few toys that are for younger kiddos. He is still my baby after all. I picked out toys that I think boys and girls would like. This was a family project and the boys enjoyed helping me select toys for you to buy for your kids. Happy Holidays and happy shopping.


This post was sponsored by Walmart but all opinions are my own.


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