Trending Friday: Wide Leg Crop Pants

Crop Pants

Time for round three of my new series, Trending Friday. First I discussed corduroy, then gingham. For this week, I want to talk about the wide leg crop pants trend. You’re probably seeing them everywhere. These pants have made a serious mark this year. I have a feeling the style is here to stay.

Wide Leg Crop Pants

Let me tell you why I love wide leg crop pants so much. Number one, they’re flattering on any figure. These pants are really good at defining a woman’s waist. If you choose a pair with a slimmer silhouette you’ll put the focus on the waist. I think this makes wide leg crop pants work any body shape. To keep the focus on the waist, I like to tuck in my shirt, tie it in a knot or where a cropped top.

Number two, they’re so comfortable. And this mom can always use more comfort in her life. You can choose denim or corduroy wide leg crop pants, but a lot of them actually have elastic waistbands. This not only flatters the waist but also keeps things comfortable. I have no shame in the occasional elastic waistband if it means I can have both comfort and style.

You can also wear just about any shoe. From the dad sneaker to a cute heel. They both work nicely in my opinion. Dress them up or down.

What do you think about wide leg crop pants? I’m all in.

I’d love to hear from you guys on what trend you’d like to see featured next week on Trending Fridays, so please let me know!



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