Trending Friday: the Puff Sleeve

Winter Sweaters

Happy Friday everyone. I’m back this week with the next installment of my Trending Friday series. How are you guys liking the series? I love having a quick and easy way to share my favorite trends with you, so I hope you’re enjoying it. If you ever have a trend you’d like me to feature or try out before you invest, let me know. I’d love to do some experimenting.

But back to today’s trend – the puff sleeve.

The Puff Sleeve

The puff sleeve is everywhere right now. Any website or store probably has several tops or sweaters featuring the trend. One of my favorite things about it is you can go understated (like my pink sweater) or you can go big. This pink sweater is really special if you ask me. The soft color if super feminine, which I love.

I noticed the puff sleeve trend in the spring and have been working it into my wardrobe here and there. I like to wear the look with a form-fitting bottom like skinnies or this black skirt from Rebecca Minkoff. Because the sleeves have a little extra volume, the formfitting bottoms help balance everything out.

There are so many variations of puff sleeves. I think this makes the trend very approachable. You don’t have to go too big or over the top to give it a try. I linked some of my favorites for you. Enjoy!




  1. Deborah Broyles

    I really lile the puff sleeve and the soft color pink is soothing. Mt trend are high top boots especially over the knee with slim jeans , add to nice puff sleeve sweater.


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