Trending Friday: Hair Barrettes

Barette Trend 2019

Today’s trending Friday (did you catch my last one all about leopard?) is one I’m very excited about. I mean, I’m excited for all of them because I love trying new trends, but this one is extra special. It makes me a little nostalgic because it has true 90s vibes. Do you know what I’m talking about? Hair barrettes!

The Hair Barrette Trend

From barrettes decked out in pearls and sequin to simple, sleek brass clips – there is no question barrettes are having a moment. When I was at Fashion Week a few weeks ago in New York City, I saw barrettes all over the place. From the models on the runway to all the street style sightings. They were everywhere.

I can’t wait to play with this trend more this spring and summer. Be prepared to see a lot of pretty barrettes in my Instagram feed and in photos on the blog. Honestly, hair accessories, in general, are having a serious moment. Have you seen those cute knotted headbands? You can bet I’ll be mixing more of those into my looks too.

For now though, I’m all about the barrettes. Did anyone else wear these in the 90s? It’s crazy to see trends come back around sometimes. I’m very happy to see this one make its way back.

What do you think about barrettes? Is it too retro for you, or will you be rocking it? Count me in.



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