The Winter Coat Trend I’m Loving

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I love summer weather as much as the next person, but there’s something cool about winter fashion too. Living in Chicago, I’ve done my fair share of winter dressing, including some very cozy winter coat options, and I have to say, 2020 has been a good year for them. There are so many great styles and trends right now, I thought I’d share one that I’m really loving. Because if it’s going to be freezing outside, we might as well look good, right? Right!

Scotch & Soda

Maybe I’m cheating a little bit because this winter coat is actually kind of half dress too. Seriously though, how cool is it? The reason I decided to go for it is the unique color combination and the pattern, but also because I’m seeing a lot of women belt their coats this year. I’m talking coats that don’t necessarily come with a belt or ones you wouldn’t expect to be belted. It’s such a fun look. I went with a snakeskin print belt in a western-style. The western-style goes with the coat but I think the snakeskin adds a good contrast. Maybe even a bit unexpected?

This coat is also a play on the shacket I think. Have you heard of the shacket? It was fall’s (and winter’s too if you ask me) biggest trend. Shacket stands for shirt and jacket – get it? My mom brain makes me slow to catch on sometimes so I wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. Lol. Anyway, the material of this coat reminds me of a lot of the shackets I’ve seen this year so between the belted look at the shacket situation, this look is very on-trend!

I linked some similar options below that I think would work with or without a belt if this is a winter coat trend you want to try out as well. What winter coats or winter fashion in general are you loving this year?




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