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I schedule photo shoots at least twice a month. I am in the habit of planning out my outfits for my content and always need new photography. Since starting the blog, I have incorporated Clark and Stone into my shoots to share my life as a mom, but, my poor husband, who by the way, works so hard to make my blogging life possible, is often forgotten.

I now have so many photos with Clark and Stone that I actually forget to schedule family photos with my husband. I love family pictures because they highlight the boys growing up, but, most importantly, it’s about creating memories as a family.

Styling Family Photos

Scheduling the shoot is the easy part — deciding what to wear for everyone gets tricky, though. I like the shoots to be fun and I prefer to have a color scheme in mind. I like to match without matching if that makes sense? Effortless style is important for family photos because you want everyone to look cohesive, but not too posed, while taking the photos.

For this session, I decided to go with red, white, and blue since it was 4th of July weekend. Having a scheme instead of just wearing the same color gives you the opportunity to get a little creative. Clark and Stone have loads of blue which made this an easy choice.

Clark chose a Lola and The Boys t-shirt and blue shorts. While Stone chose a Lola and The Boys hoodie with blue and white stripe shorts. Believe it or not, I still wear lots of white even though I have two boys, plus I just got the white skirt I’m wearing from UAL  (United Apparel Liquidators) for a steal and was dying to wear it.

It’s Saint Laurent and was originally $2100 that I got for $199! I also got an additional 50% off of selected merchandise while visiting the Nashville store. If you’re looking for a serious deal on fashion, you must visit UAL. I first discovered them about 10 years ago in New Orleans. The crop top was $10 from Zara — all about balance, right? Stephen, looks great in blue. We got his shirt from Original Penguin — Clark and Stone picked it out for Father’s Day. What can I say, the boys have great taste.

Shooting with Rose Photo

I had the pleasure of meeting Rose Kaz at a LadyBoss event at Soho House. Talk about a big personality — her energy is magnetic. We ran into each other at the bar after the event. I casually struck up a conversation to let her know how much I enjoyed the panel — I’m all for women empowerment and supporting other women. Great things happen when you do this, you know.

Next thing we know, we had quite a few things in common.  She was going to be back in town to shoot the designer of my wedding gown, Lazaro, that I purchased 12 years ago. It was kismet. The downside though — she was preparing to move. We exchanged Instagram accounts and felt like we should collaborate in some way — mainly because she’s amazing and funny as all get out. After looking at her website, I knew I definitely had to work with her.

We met again when she came back to town for business at Soho House. We decided to do a family shoot. Initially, we thought just me and the boys and then Rose had the great idea to include the hubs. Jackpot! We met at Navy Pier and that’s where Rose worked her magic.

First, of all, she was so patient and entertaining to watch with the boys. They took to her magnetic personality just as quickly as I did. They had a blast — as if they weren’t having enough fun already, Rose brought ice cream into the mix for a few shots. I think this day was the first time since college that I had ice cream for breakfast. We met at 9:30 on a Saturday morning. I got the boys fed, but, as usual, I didn’t have time to eat. Anyway, in my mind, I thought, is this a good idea giving two boys ice cream for a photoshoot? Won’t there be a mess and how would the photos turn out.  Needless to say, now I know why she’s Rose Kaz the mastermind behind Rose Photo.

Clark and Stone showcased their fun, boyish personalities — it definitely started the holiday weekend off right. We all gave Rose the biggest hug once we finished. I was so excited and simply could not wait until the photos were ready.  It was even harder to not want to buy every single photo we had taken. The carousel and the ice cream may be my favorites, but, I love the ones of us as a family in front of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel. I also love the pics of Clark and Stone on the stairs. See, I told you it was tough to decide! My photos are like kids — you can’t pick favorites.

One Stop Shop

If you find yourself, engaged, needing a headshot, getting married, or with children, look no further than Rose Photo. I can’t begin to thank her enough not only for the beautiful photos but the experience. Everyone had a blast and left wanting more fun. Clark and Stone actually woke up the next day and asked if they would see Ms. Rose — if that isn’t a sign as to the time they had, I don’t know what is.

Photography: Rose Kaz for Rose Photo


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