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It’s no secret I love to dress my boys. Clark and Stone have tons of stuff in their closet, however, lately they are obsessed with athletic wear and finding a happy medium gets harder and harder. I make sure they have great choices for developing their personal style and this year Clark and Stone’s spring style is so fun. And because their personalities are fun, I make sure their clothes are too.

Clark and Stone Style

Little boys are sometimes left behind in terms of fashion. The basic boy uniform typically consists of the double layered t-shirt and sweats. As a mom that loves fashion, it is important for me to give them more than that. Especially considering they don’t give me the option to select their clothes very often anymore. I miss the days when I could select their outfits head to toe. Now, I’m met with heavy sighs for my choices. It’s all about Clark and Stone and their style. They really do have their own style, though and it’s this foundation that gives them the head start on defining it.

Bright Colors

Boys are loaded with energy. I mean it’s never ending. Clark and Stone never have a shortage of energy and neither should their style. I purchase bright colors for them because they are fun. The boys love blue, orange, and red. Rarely will you catch them dressed alike, however, I often times buy them the exact same things to prevent any arguments.

Bright colors are always fun for kids and Clark and Stone are no exception. It’s totally their style. This monster sweatshirt from Lola and The Boys is one of their personal faves. True to their personalities, Clark pulled the tongue out on his hoodie as he is the silly willy. Meanwhile, Stone left his tucked in.

Clark’s nick name is Clark The Shark. Hence, the shark pants in his favorite color, blue. Stone chose to wear red skinny jeans for his look. I happen to think little boys look super cute in skinny jeans. You will always see them in skinny jeans as long as I have a say. Skinny jeans and sweats with cute shirts are like their uniform. At least until summer time kicks in.


Clark and Stone are very active. They love going to the park and having playdates. Sneakers, or kicks, as I like to call them, are the finishing touch to spring style for boys. Adidas Superstars happen to be my favorite casual kicks. I actually love to match with the boys so I buy them for myself too. I love the extra support that Adidas offers in this style shoes. It’s also so versatile for boys to wear—they look great for school or hanging out at the park. Personally, I have them in about four different color combinations. They are so cool!

Little boys are so cute and their style should be too. Now, with a little help from Clark and Stone, your little cutie can let his style shine through. Kids like to have fun, so let’s make getting dressed a good time.





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