Moms’ Night In With Austin Cocktails

How To Plan A Mom’s Night In

The key to motherhood is finding other mama’s you can relate to. The commonalities and the bond will help get you through the not so good days because there will be many. Sometimes you have to unplug and recharge with your mom squad so you can be your best self for your babies. However, sometimes I just don’t feel like going out to a restaurant. It got me to thinking.

Remember the many girls’ nights in you had before you had kids? You had just as much fun, if not more, in the comfort of your own home. So, when Austin Cocktails reached out to me to collaborate, I decided to host a moms’ night in with Austin Cocktails. The guest list included a mix of old and new friends. We all just so happen to run blogs in addition to a few other hats that we wear. Most importantly, the mom hat.

Girls Night In



I was first introduced to Austin Cocktails on National Tequila Day. Austin Cocktails provides high-quality spirits with high-quality ingredients. I fell in love immediately with the Bergamot Orange Margarita. Just pour over ice, garnish, and voilá. And this is coming from a vodka and water girl. Austin Cocktails won me over.

Immediately I knew if I was going to plan a moms’ night in, cocktails were the number one priority on my list. Seriously, who are we kidding? Mom’s need a nice drink by Friday or Saturday after a long week with our kiddos. With one week before school started, I began planning my shindig.

Austin Cocktails provided me with Bergamot Orange Margarita and Fred’s Ruby Red Cocktail. The Bergamot Orange Margarita is made with premium tequila, natural agave, triple sec and natural bergamot orange. You simply can’t beat the fact that there is no mixing involved. Fred’s Ruby Red Cocktail has 5x distilled vodka, natural grapefruit, lime, natural agave and mint flavor. The ladies loved them. They are so good. We simply couldn’t get enough.

In addition to the flavors provided for the dinner party, I have also tried the Cucumber Vodka Mojito when my bestie, Fiona, was in town. We may or may not have had the bottle between the two of us. I will plead the fifth. Hey, it was her first day visiting and we had a lot to catch up on.

Austin Cocktails also provided every mama with a bottle to take home and enjoy later. I am still getting phone calls asking where they can buy it. In the Chicagoland area, you can buy it here. For nationwide, you can purchase online or check your zip code here. Austin Cocktails is the perfect spirit for the busy mom, which is why this was the perfect laborless cocktail during the holiday weekend. If the weather would’ve permitted, I would’ve held the gathering on my rooftop. Instead, we opted for the dining room table and had just as much fun.

Austin Cocktails


With less than 72 hours to plan, I managed to pull off an awesome moms’ night in with Austin Cocktails thanks to Paramount Events Catering. They accommodated my food allergies, short notice and didn’t skimp on the flavor with the menu they provided us. If I may add, I would also like to share how amazing their customer service is. I live just a few blocks away from their offices, however, after eating at their restaurant, Eden, for the first time recently, they were my first choice for catering my event. With loads of fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients, I had my friends falling in love with healthy food. I mean it’s all about balance after all.

Chicago Catering

Paramount Events


So you see, it’s actually quite easy to host a moms’ night in. I just sent the boys to their Nana’s house for the evening, got great drinks (thank you so much Austin Cocktails), great food (thank you Paramount Events) and some great mom friends. It’s the recipe for success. Don’t forget to throw in a little Spotify and great conversation.

P.S. Let me know what your favorite Austin Cocktails drink is!


Photography: Ali Stone

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