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Have you ever felt like mom friendly and fashion is a bit of an oxymoron? Well, when I had Clark and Stone, I did for sure. In fact, it was a bit of a challenge during the breastfeeding days. Outside of the poncho or circle wrap, there wasn’t much to offer in terms of breastfeeding friendly fashion.

In steps Shop Buru. Buru in Mandarin actually means to breastfeed or nurse a baby. This brilliant idea came out of necessity when founder Morgan Hutchinson became pregnant. She set out to make sure her style wasn’t compromised due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Morgan’s mission was, and continues to be, to help mothers breastfeeding and beyond look and feel their best. Shop Buru was born and the rest is fashion history. The brand offers a highly curated collection selected directly by Morgan herself for the mom lifestyle. Even though I am years beyond the breastfeeding phase with my boys, I’m definitely still a mom who can very much appreciate the highly fashionable Shop Buru collection.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Morgan at her pop up shop at Monica and Andy. (Monica + Andy is another gem that began after I had Clark and Stone. They have the most adorable infant clothing.) I was quite taken with how beautiful Morgan is, even more so after getting to know her. Her personality is even more stunning — she’s a total sweetheart. She even went so far as to suggest shoot locations during my recent stay in Los Angeles and was spot on by recommending the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles. The downtown vibe mixed with the edgy feel was perfect for my aesthetic that I usually shoot while here in Chicago. But, I digress. My point is, this woman is fabulous!

Give Me A C

I’m not a cheerleader but I am a sucker for anything with pom poms.  The pom pom trend was definitely the star of summer style. They were everywhere from shirts, hats, handbags, and dresses. This sweater from Shop Buru is no exception. It was the first thing I saw on their Instagram when I discovered them. When I got to Monica + Andy the last one was snagged by Corri McFadden from Glitter + BubblesCorri was nice enough to let me try hers on to make sure I loved it. Indeed, I did.

Morgan shipped it to me two day air to make sure I would have it before I left for my two week stay in Los Angeles. It got here right in time as promised and it was perfect. I love the cold shoulder and the floppiness of the sweater. Literally, I wore it at least three times while in Los Angeles. I wore it with shorts, denim skirts, and jeans. However, in this look I paired it with a blue and white menswear inspired striped skirt.

Skirting The Issue

I found this super cute skirt at my favorite place, FELT.  Where else would I find such a thing? This is a Tanya Taylor dream come true. The perfect balance of masculine and feminine with the flounced ruffles. The blue and white stripes makes it menswear heaven. It’s basically how I envision wearing one of my husband’s business shirts around my waist. The off center split allows it to go from super cute and casual to hot and sexy. In this look, I chose to wear it with my Stan Smiths.You simply can’t go wrong with Stan Smiths.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Style

Society will have you believe you lose everything that defined you as a woman once you have a child. This just isn’t true. You can be whoever you want to be and still be madly in love with motherhood. Don’t let society steal you of your fashion sense or anything else — Shop Buru has you covered.  Enjoy 15% off with the code WELCOME15 at ShopBuru.

Top: ShopBuru Skirt: Tanya Taylor  Purse: Chanel (old)  Shoes: Stan Smiths

Photography: Jordan Zobrist


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