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Golden Girl | Clark and Stone | Ceta Walters | Looking

Golden Girl | Clark and Stone | Ceta Walters | Gaze

Golden Girl | Clark and Stone | Ceta Walters | Smiling

Golden Girl | Clark and Stone | Ceta Walters | Back

Golden Girl | Clark and Stone | Ceta Walters | Beauty Shot

Golden Girl | Clark and Stone | Ceta Walters | High Tops

You know, I’m the first to tell you that deep down, I’m a tomboy at heart.  I love a pair of fresh kicks.  However, at the same time, I live for a girlie girl moment.  Call it a conundrum or just who I am.  Maybe it’s astrology taking place.  I am a Libra so the scales must come into play.  Hopefully, you are a little bit this way too and enjoy mixing feminine and masculine as much as I do.  After all, I still managed to feel like a golden girl in this super feminine dress in gold high tops, even as it’s menswear inspired.

The Dress

I’m not ashamed to say I visit Felt at least twice a month.  Catherine and Paige just get me and my style.  However, I’ve been trying to be really good (financially) and so I don’t have my weekly visits anymore.  But, I can’t just stay from the store.  Everything in the boutique is amazing.

I managed to get out fairly responsible until Catherine showed me this dress.  I was gearing up for my friend Deanna’s birthday party weekend in Nashville.  I wanted fun things to wear for my  girls trip.  Catherine told me she had just unpacked some things that she thought I might like.  She’s never wrong!  I just about died when I saw this dress.

The nude color against my skin tone and with the gold stores – can we say heaven?  I just couldn’t understand how I was supposed to leave Felt without this dress.  Needless to say, I bought it, packed it, and wore it in Nashville.  I received so many compliments on this dress the night I wore it.  It’s so dreamy, how could you not love it?

This dress is by For Love of Lemons.  For Love and Lemons is the label behind best friends that stand for confidence, femininity, and individuality.  The slip is detachable if you are the girl that wants a completely daring (with a bodysuit underneath) look like how the designers style it.  The neckline is divine.  It offers the perfect amount of cleavage without being too much.  There is a back moment of the dress, too.  The peek-a-boo back detail is just amazing.  With a dress this sexy, you’re forced to have confidence.


As I stated previously, the dress exudes sexy.  I like to play on the image of what sexy is and often time that falls in the menswear inspired category.  That’s where the high tops come in.  I have to say I feel pretty darn sexy when I’m rocking high tops and jeans whether they are skinny or boyfriend.  I’ve even worn them with cute little sundresses.  But there was just something about this dress that made me want to wear it with the gold high tops.

These high tops are old but I still love them.  I got them from Rime NYC.  Rime is one of the ultimate New York City sneaker head destinations.  Rime did a collaboration with Puma, and these golden beauties were born.  They were only sold at Rime NYC which is why you didn’t see them in stores.  There is an invisible wedge sole inside which makes them super duper comfortable.  They are also gold which happens to be one of my favorite colors, especially for shoes.  Plus, they are high tops which are my favorite sneakers to wear.  I probably have at least 10 pairs of high tops.  I never get rid of them.  I feel the more worn the better.  My husband, I’m sure, would disagree.  He would probably love to help a few pairs miraculously disappear.

You know this look I shot is a great example why it’s so hard to get rid of things.  You just never know when you will have an opportunity to mix the old with the new.  I just recently found a pair of Manolo Blahnik gold sequin pumps in my closet.  Needless to say, I probably won’t be purging my closet anytime soon.  Just call me a golden girl, golden barbie, or a gold digger, but with a menswear inspired twist.  I live for a golden moment, and this did not disappoint!

Dress: For Love and Lemons Shoes: old (similar) Earrings: Lana
Photography: Hallie Duesenberg




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