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I have had a tough time accepting that I am a working mom. It explains why my patience runs lower than usual with Clark and Stone. Sometimes I just need a day to myself in my own home to relax and unwind. So, when BabbleBoxx sent this month’s box that revolves around a vacation I jumped at the opportunity. However, instead of going somewhere, I sent the boys packing and enjoyed some quiet time in the comforts of my own home.

How I Get My Groove Back

My Ex-Life by Stephen Mcauley


I began my staycation with the Book “My Ex-Life” by Stephen Mcauley. “My Ex-Life” is about a woman, Julie, preparing to divorce her second husband, Henry, who has left her for an older woman named Carol. While preparing to finalize her divorce from Henry, her daughter Mandy is preparing for her senior year in college. Henry decides he should file for primary custody of his daughter but Mandy and Julie are against it. While in the basement one day, Mandy stumbles upon her mother’s former life with her ex-husband David, who is a college guidance counselor in San Francisco. In an effort to deter her father from his decision to seek primary custody, Mandy creates an elaborate lie that brings Julie and David back together again.

This book is hilarious. There are so many real-life moments in terms of how you can create your own “family”, how the bonds that we create can stand the test of time, and how as parents sometimes our children are teaching us about life.

Bali Comfort Revolution Bra

Bali Intimates

While reading “My Ex-Life” I decided to recreate my version of the movie “Risky Business” by sitting around the house in my new Bali Comfort Revolution Bra in a white button-down shirt. Is there a woman that doesn’t enjoy the freeing experience of walking around the house in a shirt and your bra? See, I told you it’s just like the movie “Risky Business”. It’s so soft against my skin and I love the petal pink color. It also provides Cool Comfort, which is a fabric that wicks moisture away and keeps me cool on the days when I’m running around chasing after Clark and Stone.

Let My Hair Down

Any day filled with self-care has to involve hair care. It’s just an unwritten rule. If it isn’t, it should be. This began with an OMM thickening hair mask and thickening oil. Just about every woman I know has experienced hair thinning after pregnancy. I am no exception, so I couldn’t wait to try it. The lovely jasmine aroma soothes your soul while the mask works its magic. My hair felt very soft. I will try this a few more times to see if it is working. I could definitely use a little help in this department especially in the center part of my hair.

Use code SUMMER and receive 20% off until September 15, 2018.

Eye Spy With My Little Eyes

Blogging is a lot of work. It also involves a lot of screen time. My photographer takes amazing pictures and I can tell you I have never noticed more fine lines until I began blogging. I have been all about skincare for the past two years. Until recently, my eyes were the most neglected in terms of my skincare. The Bellame hydrating eye cream helps to soften crow’s feet and remove under eye circles. Dark circles are becoming unwanted friends due to staying up late on my laptop. It also contains hyaluronic acid and marine collagen which are supposed to be amazing for your skin and have lots of anti-aging benefits. The Bellame hydrating moisturizer is also pretty amazing. This duo will definitely help target against those pesky little signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles

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Fine As Wine

Nothing says relaxing quite like a nice glass of wine. My bottle of Faustino I Gran Reserva was the cherry on top for the perfect staycation. Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve been this relaxed in a hotel. There is just something about the comfort of your own home. Cozied up on my sofa with a book and a glass of wine is my ideal way to relax. Wine just puts me in a mellow mood. And the Faustino I Gran Reserva is very compatible with many dishes. It pairs well with fish, meat, and most cheeses. I enjoyed it with some gluten-free parmesan crisps while I finished reading “My Ex-Life” by Stephen Mcauley.

Let It Go

As Elsa said in the movie Frozen, “Let it go.” You have to make time for yourself and let everything else go. You have to make yourself a priority daily, weekly, and monthly. Do something for yourself that brings you joy. Whether it be a staycation or a vacation. Grab a Babbleboxx and let the relaxing begin.


This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx but all opinions are my own.




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