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Can you believe it’s that time of year? With Halloween out of the way, Thanksgiving has come and gone. The only things left are Hanukkah, Diwali, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. That means the holiday party invitations will start pouring in at any minute. If you’re like me, you like to start thinking of what you can wear and still feel comfortable. Don’t fret, this blog post is all about how to look stylish for holiday parties. It’s challenging sometimes, but I’ll help you get through it. After all, we’re in this together.

What To Wear To Holiday Parties

Most holiday parties these days will guide you through with a dress code, however, there are several times you may receive an invitation without any direction and you have to fend for yourself. To avoid panicking in situations like this, I’ve come up with a formula for looking your best at holiday parties.

First, I look for comfort. I like to eat. It’s probably the only reason I workout— because I love to eat. I like to make sure I’m always comfortable for the most part. There was a time where I really couldn’t breath because my dress was too small, but it was all for the sake of fashion. Secondly, I usually like to try out a trend I’ve been eyeing during the season. The holidays are when I like to have fun with my looks and live a little. Third, I like to keep it one color.

Trends for the holiday


Ruffles are a huge trend for the fall/winter. Victorian inspired fashion is definitely one of the hottest trends for fall and heading into winter. Keeping this in mind, I chose a sheer black blouse by Wayf. This top has just the right amount or sheerness where it’s still tasteful and timeless, but it’s also black which makes it reasonless.

My ruffle pants are by Opening Ceremony. The circle hem looks great with everything from a sleek tennis shoe, high heel and the Opening Ceremony sock bootie I’m wearing here. The pant also has a high waist which is ideal for eating during the holiday party circuit. We all love to indulge during the holidays.

Sock Booties

Sock booties were a trend last year and they are definitely here to stay. The sock bootie came back bigger than ever for fall 2017.  Wanna know how to look stylish for holiday parties?  Just add a sock bootie to whatever you’re wearing and go. This pair from Opening Ceremony is all black leather with a silver reflective chunky heel. They are also super comfortable to take you from dinner to dancing in no time. They definitely withstand the test of time—trust me—I’ve had them on for hours without any complaint. I also caved in and purchased another pair this season with a stiletto heel. They are just perfect to get up and go. They take any outfit from
ho-hum to va-va-voom.

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

I love the holidays and the parties that come along with them. I hope you’ve gathered what you need so you know how to look stylish for your holiday soirées, and I hope you have as much fun as I plan to. Happy holidays!!!

Top: Wayf (old) Pants: Opening Ceremony Booties: Opening Ceremony Earrings: old (similar)


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