Lola and The Boys | Clark and Stone

Cute Kids Clothes | Ceta Walters | Clark and Stone

Cute Kids Clothes | Ceta Walters | Clark and Stone

Cute Kids Clothes | Ceta Walters | Clark and Stone

Cute Kids Clothes | Ceta Walters | Clark and Stone

Cute Kids Clothes | Ceta Walters| Clark and Stone

Cute Kids Clothes

As a mom of two boys, I can tell you it takes serious time and effort to dress these little guys.  Little boys are so cute.  Yet, it’s tough finding cute kids clothes for boys.  I want Clark and Stone to have their own sense of style and to have fun expressing themselves with fashion.  Clark is my tall, silly, slightly reserved, and athletic son.  While, Stone, is my bold, witty, and funny four year old son.  Two very different personalities, which is why I love Lola and The Boys.  It is the cutest kids clothing line that takes the time and effort out of dressing your little ones.

Lola + The Boys

Lola and The Boys is a Chicago based clothing line that offers boys and girls sizes 2-12.  Mommy and Me is a collection that designer, Irina Ovrutsky, offers as a chance to share a fashion moment with your child.  Clark and Stone own several pieces from the collection since it launched.  The styles carried in the line are super cute and highly functional.  They are all machine washable and highly fashionable.  Of course, I can’t miss an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and match my little guys.  Their current faves are the army blazer, flash harem pants, and the doodle sweatshirt.  We are all wearing the army blazer for a mother and sons day at the park.  After all, I love that Lola and The Boys gives mothers of boys a chance to match their sons.  This privilege was once only afforded to mothers of girls, but no more.

Mommy and Me

Lola and The Boys pays close attention to the fashionable momma.  If you frequent Instagram,  you’ve spotted all the top fashion bloggers in the chicest pieces from the line.  The Bali leaf dress is what dreams are made of.  The distressed denim jacket with the fox fur vest was a statement piece for Chicago’s most fashion forward.  I can’t forget the “I am an Angel” sweatshirt which I had on constant rotation over the fall.  Its a win-win even if you aren’t looking for an adorable moment to dress alike with your kiddos.


Did I mention Lola and the boys is highly affordable.  Affordability without skimping on style is an oxymoron.  The price ranges $15-$280.  The most expensive item is a distressed denim jacket with a real fox fur vest. There is definitely something for everyone. With summer birthdays ahead, Lola and The Boys is the perfect gift for the kiddos with a fashionista momma or a dapper dad. Plus, if you have boys, you’re not left out of those fun “twinsie” moments!

Visit Lola and The Boys and enjoy 20% off using code clarkandstone20

Photography: Hallie Duesenberg





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