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Kool Kids Kupcake Class

Let’s talk about a fun-filled afternoon. Sugar Hills Bakery hosted a Kool Kids Kupcake Class that included Clark and Stone,  Lola & The Boys,  Andrea Levoff (Dope Ass Mom),  Monika Dixon,   Nikia Jefferson (Chitown_Fashion),  and  Monika Pardala (Monika_Chicagoinstilettos). We all gathered with our kids for a fun afternoon of cupcake decorating filled with loads of laughter. It was the perfect space for the event. The kids gathered their aprons and customized their own chef hats. Some kids wrote their names while others drew pictures in preparation for decorating their cupcakes. Each child got three cupcakes to decorate as Despicable Me, Cookie Monster, and a monkey.

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Supplies

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Kupcakes

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Frosting

Rallying up the kids and providing instruction was done with ease by Sugar Hill Bakery’s incredible staff and owners Jacob Neminarz and Lonnie Rodriguez. Not only did they bring the energy, but they brought the sweets as well. Loads of cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, and tons of edible decorations were at every child’s disposal.

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | The Boys

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Kid Shot

Thankfully, the designs were simple enough for the children ranging in ages 4 to 10. Clark and Stone had a blast! Clark was so intentional with trying to get his lines on his Despicable Me cupcake just right. Stone, on the other hand, probably enjoyed eating the cupcakes the most. Although, he did take great pride in making his cookie monster cupcake. After all, blue is his favorite color.

Lola & The Boys

The mess the children made wasn’t as huge as one might think. They were all very attentive to trying to get the cupcake designs just right. As if that wasn’t enough fun, the kids all happened to be wearing Lola & The Boys. By the way, if you haven’t heard me rave about the line before, Lola and The Boys makes the most fashionable, fun, and affordable clothing for children and even a couple collections for mommies as well. The line is a must have.

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | The Girls

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Cupcake Fun

Sugar Hills Bakery

This was definitely a family-fun event and the kids all interacted really well. Sugar Hills Bakery interior is quite nice. We all noticed how lovely the space is. Beautiful, soft-muted lighting with a lovely gallery wall is so inviting for more than just a cupcake class. Beyond their cupcakes, they can also whip up a delicious salad, sandwich or wrap. I am floored by their cheesecake menu because every slice is heavenly. However, I must declare what intrigues me the most about Sugar Hills Bakery is their beautiful cake designs. The design and unbeatable taste is what keeps me going back for more. The attention to detail is endless and quite evident in the food, the space, and the service.

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Stone laughing

Kool Kids Kupcake Class | Clark and Stone | Cupcake

Although this event was family-friendly, anything is possible at Sugar Hills Bakery. The space is so universal and could be utilized for just about anything ranging from a first date, a mom’s group coffee, a business meeting, to something as grand as a birthday party. The team that works at Sugar Hills Bakery will passionately exceed your expectations. If food isn’t your love language, still go in and enjoy the vibe and get some work done on a project. Tell all of your friends and thank me later!

Photography: Marcin Cymmer

Sugar Hills Bakery, 3235 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60618





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