Just For Me: Curl Peace


Everyone assumes I don’t have the hair woes since I had boys. But the truth is, my boys have some of the same hair issues as girls.  Clark and Stone both have very curly hair. They don’t like to take baths and I know it’s because of me having to wash their hair. But life just got easier for us and it’s all thanks to Just For Me: Curl Peace and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Just For Me: Curl Peace

Just For Me: Curl Peace offers products to ease the pain on wash day for boys and girls with natural hair. Curl Peace includes a detangling shampoo, detangling conditioner, 5-in-1 wonder spray, nourishing hair and scalp butter, a defining curl cream, a detangling brush and a curl sponge to help refresh.

Curls are not created equal. This is why I love this kit. Stone’s curls are softer and not as tight as Clark’s. For wash day, I begin with the detangling shampoo and work up a big lather. Next, I use the detangling conditioner and the detangling brush to comb the conditioner through. Then, I finish with the defining curl and coil cream and Stone has the perfect curls. Occasionally, I have to use the 5-in-1 wonder spray for Stone if he has missed a few wash days to help detangle before washing.

As for Clark, he has thicker, tighter curls and we use the whole system for his hair. For wash day, we begin with the detangling shampoo and detangling conditioner. Because Clark has really dry hair, I use the nourishing scalp butter to help moisturize his hair. After I have applied the nourishing scalp butter, I finish with the defining curl and coil cream.

One of the many reasons I love Curl Peace is because it has many uses. I use the 5-in-1 wonder spray for Clark’s hair to help with the frizz in the mornings along with the curl sponge. This helps refresh his curls in between wash days. Personally, this duo has saved our lives for some last minute photoshoots when I don’t have time to wash their hair. Clark has also taken great pride in being able to do his own hair with using the curl sponge and 5-in-1 wonder spray.

Great For The Family

Curl Peace is perfect for the whole family. I also have curly hair and while I never really wear my hair in wash-and-go styles, I do wash my hair in between hair appointments at the salon and I love the products on my hair as well. The shampoo has great slip on my hair and is perfect for detangling before applying the conditioner. The boys get a kick out of seeing me borrow their products for my hair. They’ve managed to bust me quite a few times returning their shampoo.

Curl Peace has been a huge asset in my family’s life. It has cut down on so much time and arguing due to wash day. They don’t give me much push back on having to wash their hair. It’s so much easier. It is like a breath of fresh air around here when I have to wash their hair. No one is upset, grumpy or fighting a bath. It’s because their curls are at peace. Hence, the name. One can only assume this is the inspiration behind the name.  Just For Me has given Clark and Stone peace on wash day.


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