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You did’t think I forgot about gifts for the kids, did you? Never. Shopping for Clark and Stone is like a hobby for me. I probably go a little too crazy, but it’s Christmas and they’re kids, so why not go all out. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

On this list you’ll find a little bit of everything. I tried to mix it up and think outside the box as well as include some every day essentials. I should also mention that this guide is a little on the boy side because of course I was thinking about Clark and Stone. That said, there are a few things for girls and items to enjoy as a family, too. Happy shopping!

Gifts for Kids

  1. Zingo
    Clark and Stone love this game. Their school also uses it in the classroom. It’s perfect for helping kids learn sight words. It does double duty.
  2. Apple to Apples Junior 
    I bought this for my nephews years ago. It’s a great family game—lots of laughter and thinking involved. Likewise, I also recommend trying the adult version.
  3. 4-in-1 writing carrying case
    Clark and Stone really enjoying writing their name and signing their friends’ birthday cards. This game fosters that and then some.
  4. EXO Bluetooth Headphones
    These are perfect for traveling—especially with more than one child. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about cords getting tangled, which that alone makes it worth it.
  5. Magic Onyx Edition Kit
    Maybe my gift guide is a little biased towards boys. Lol. Clark and Stone love magic right now. Of course this can be for girls, too, but really it’s just perfect for the budding magician.
  6. Ferrari Remote Control Car
    Told ya my gift guide is a little boy obsessed! After all, there isn’t a little boy I know that doesn’t love remote control cars—you might as well start them off with really good taste.
  7. World Wall Magnets
    Let your child see the world through travel. This is a great way to plan family vacations. We usually pick a place together as a family by looking at the map. One day we will go to Africa is what I tell Clark and Stone. In the meantime, let’s go visit Aunt Fiona in Los Angeles.
  8. Rock and Roll Portable Drum set
    Give the gift that keeps on giving. Grab your headphones moms and dads. This is bound to make a lot of noise but the kids will love it.
  9. Carbon Inline Skates
    Clark has been dying for a pair of these. After all, aren’t skates a childhood necessity?
  10. Urban Spirit Electric Skateboard
    My neighbor has one of these and I love it. This is for the big kid and of course the little ones, too. It’s so much fun and I highly recommend.
  11. Magnatiles
    Clark and Stone can’t get enough of magnatiles. They are occupied for hours on end building with them. Not to mention, magnatiles are great with their friends or to entertain them while alone.
  12. V-Tech Stormtroopers Watch
    Clark and Stone are 4 1/2 and 6 years old. This is the age where they have become obsessed with time and wanting a watch. They love Star Wars so this is a great gift for boys and girls and can easily be coupled with a few other Star Wars themed goodies.
  13. Osmo Starter Kit
    Put that iPad to good use with Osmo. Let your little ones learn, play, and encourage creative thinking.
  14. Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon
    The king of Lego kits. Legos are the highlight gift for both my boys. They have been building Legos since they were toddlers with Duplos. I love seeing them advance to more difficult sets. This is also for the Star Wars aficionado.
  15. California Chariot
    This is the perfect gift for girls and boys. Sneak in exercise while they ride the chariot for hours and have a blast. This is also for the big kids at heart (after all, who doesn’t love a good chariot ride?).
  16. Hungry Hungry Hippos
    This is an all time classic for kids. Clark and Stone enjoy this game as much as a family as they do with just the two of them. It’s great to teach counting and to just have some good ole’ fashioned fun.

After all this shopping for the kids, don’t forget about the other women in you life. Check out my gift guide for her, too! I promise you’ll find lots of goodies, and of course something for yourself.

Happy holidays!


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