High Waist Jeans: Must-Have Item for Moms


High Waist Jeans

Have you noticed how much I love high waist jeans lately? High waist jeans have become part of my current momiform. They’ve definitely earned a spot in my weekly rotation. They are so versatile and I can wear them with just about anything. I dress them up or down for almost every occasion. Every pair of jeans I’ve purchased for the past year has been high waisted. I just can’t get enough of the style.

Why I love them

As a mom, I am constantly on the go. Aside from the blog, I am quite busy picking up and dropping off Clark and Stone, attending parent association meetings, attending events and attending meetings for potential brand partnerships. Often times, I don’t have time to change for the different types of meetings I have throughout the day.

Because of this, I have found high waist jeans are the most versatile item to have in your closet as a mom. I can wear a cute top on the weekend or a super cute ruffle number. It gives just a tiny peek if you opt for a cropped look. Plus, I am constantly eating on the run a lot of times and sometimes it’s not the healthiest option. If I overindulge one day, my high waist jeans are there to hide my little secret. They really are a mom’s best friend.

High waist jeans come in several styles as well. The must-have item for moms comes in distressed styles, solid washes, and cropped styles. J.Crew has a super cute cropped flare. Also, look for tons of high waist jeans in corduroy, which is one of the seasons hottest trends. My personal fave for the fall season is a corduroy wide leg flare like here.

As you prepare to shop for the fall season, high waist jeans are a must-have item for moms. Have fun and most importantly, buy what is most comfortable for you.


Photography: Hallie Duesenberg


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