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Metric Coffee in West Town Chicago Metric Coffee in West Town Chicago Metric Coffee in West Town Chicago Metric Coffee in West Town Chicago Metric Coffee in West Town Chicago

Born and raised in the Windy City,  I still find myself in awe of how much there is to explore.  I stumble upon something new every day!  Chicago may be known for world-class deep-dish pizza and shopping on Michigan Avenue.  However,  that’s not what makes our city so unique.  Our most treasured possessions are often the ones we never knew existed.   It’s the hidden gems tucked away in our city’s vibrant neighborhoods that truly brings Chicago to life.  Hence, the birth of My Chicago, where I will feature hidden gems like Metric Coffee on a monthly basis.

Not long ago, a few friends invited me to a coffee tasting in West Town. If you’re a java junkie such as myself, Metric Coffee needs to be your new spot.  They have their specialty cold brew on tap.  Need I say more? (If I do, keep reading).

At Metric Coffee you aren’t just visiting a full-service coffee bar; you’re getting your morning joe straight from the source. With a refurbished, 1930’s roaster imported from Germany, this café is roasting your beans right under your nose. Literally!  The Scandinavian-style café has viewing windows so you can watch the process from roaster to packaging.

In the back, they have a small kitchen where they hold their coffee ‘cupping’ classes. Not the kind of cupping you’re thinking of.  Cupping is the practice of observing the different tastes and aromas of brewed coffee.  Hence, it being a coffee tasting but a lot more fun! Our amazing instructors had been a part of the coffee-industry their entire lives. They walked us through the entire process: from bean to espresso.

Knowing how strong the coffee would be, my friends and I took a pass on our morning java jolts in preparation.  Thank goodness especially since we tried 4 different types of coffee.  First, the cups only contained ground coffee beans. Our instructors taught us how to detect certain smells and distinguish different flavors. Once we smelled the ground cups, we added hot water. And some of the smells drastically changed.  After we tried them all, we all decided on our favorite and the House Brew won by unanimous vote.

To all the caffeine aficionados out there, there’s a new brew in town and I promise it lives up to the buzz. Literally.

Metric Coffee Cafe, 2021 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60612, ph: 312-982-2196



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