Happy New Year Family Style

New Year Family Photo Shoot + Family Style New Year Family Photo Shoot + Family Style New Year Family Photo Shoot + Family Style New Year Family Photo Shoot + Family Style

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year!  I’m excited for 2017 and I am busy making resolutions and changes to my life as a mom, wife, and now as a blogger.  My excitement level is over the moon.  I know it’s the second week of the new year and this is my first post.  Of course, if you know me personally, I am always five to ten minutes late–so this is right on time as I share my happy new year family style.

As the holidays approached,  I started to think about our family holiday card.  As a fashion blogger, I am consumed with creating content for the blog and Instagram posts.  I didn’t have the energy this year to focus on our holiday card.  I’ve taken great pride in pulling the perfect outfits for our family.  Holiday cards   are fun to create.  However, I get so worked up on the outfits and stress wreaks havoc on my brain.


When I got the opportunity to work with Brooke Hummer Photography, I jumped at the chance. Hence, the collaboration with Annie Barlow  and Jen Brown Makeup.  Brooke Hummer is a fashion, family and commercial photographer with a great eye, big personality and a strong sense of style. We met to discuss a collaboration that produced pure magic along with Annie Barlow and Jen Brown.  Annie style is edgy coupled with a preppy style that I love. Annie is an editorial and personal stylist in Chicago.  And, come on, if you know Annie and you’ve seen her around town, blogger or not, you seize any chance to collaborate with her.  Then, came Jen Brown.  Jen is a commercial and editorial hair and makeup artist based in Chicago featured in Time magazine, Chicago magazine, and a host of others.

Our family had a blast shooting with Brooke! I love that we were able to create looks that were both edgy and fun for the whole family. The set was a ton of fun for the boys, so much that they didn’t want to leave.  Annie and Jen were the cherrie on top.  Wearing my Drifter Industries top with my To Be Adored skirt was a great choice thanks to Annie.  Jen made me look and feel like a movie star. My hair and makeup was beautiful. If only I could book Jen every time I left the house.   I, mean, seriously!  This is how  you say Happy New Year with family style.

Family Looks

Clark and Stone are wearing Lola and the Boys tops, HM denim, Zara denim and shoes.

Stephen is wearing a Hugo Boss suit and Hermes shirt.


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