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For me, the holidays are so special. As a mom, I’m so excited to see the look of sheer joy and happiness on Clark and Stone’s faces Christmas morning.  It also brings back memories of my own mother. My mother introduced our family to The Salvation Army and she taught me the importance of helping those around us.

Give Back and Feel Good

Giving back really does feel good. It’s a gentle reminder of how blessed we really are. It begins with Thanksgiving and the good cheer carries into the new year. However, sometimes it’s hard to find an organization. That’s why I was so excited when I got the chance to partner with
The Salvation Army, which serves the most in need throughout the city and its suburbs, northern Illinois, and northwest Indiana.

The Salvation Army has been around since 1865, serving over 128 countries, and meeting human needs without discrimination.  In Chicago, there are 50 different programs that give homeless a roof over their heads, provide music education to local children, help addicts recover, and rescue trafficking victims.  As previously stated, I was introduced to The Salvation Army by my mother. It was how she taught us to appreciate what we had because it’s easy to forget—especially as a kid—how blessed you are.

Initially, I wasn’t so thrilled about the thought of giving away my things that I treasured, but after my mom explained it in terms I could understand, it just made sense. She asked me how I would feel if I didn’t get anything for the holidays. I responded that I would be sad. Immediately it made sense and I was happy to help.

Fast forward and I am a mother of two boys that I’m sure feel the same way now more than ever, at just four and six years old. However, now they are just as excited to give back and feel good.

Ways to Give Back and Join The Salvation Army’s Fight For Good

There are three ways to give back to Salvation Army: goods and clothing, money, and time.

Donate Goods an Clothing

Commonly donated items include clothing, furniture, appliances, household goods, and even cars. That’s right! Your donation is tax deductible and it will help transform the lives of residents at their Adult Rehabilitation Centers. You can ask The Salvation Army to pick up your goods for you at,  or they also have several drop off locations around the city of Chicago that you can find here.

Giving Money

If you choose to give money, you can donate by phone with a live person by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY (725-2769). You can also write a check and mail it to: The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division 5040 N. Pulaski Road Chicago, IL 60630. Text also works—just TEXT GIFT to 41444 to give a holiday mobile donation to The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division. A link to their  mobile donation form will be sent to you to complete your donation.  Or visit to make a secure online donation.


Ever feel like you want to do more than just write a check? The Salvation Army also needs volunteers. You can join the over 3 million volunteers worldwide that help them fulfill their mission.  Check out their online listing of holiday volunteer opportunities here or call the Corps Community Center near you to get involved.

I hope I have encouraged you to give back and feel good. It really does feed the soul. I pray my boys will learn to appreciate what they have and the spirit of Christmas by helping those around them.  I’m so grateful The Salvation Army helps my family do just that.


Thank you to The Salvation Army Metropolitan Division for sponsoring this post.
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