Trending Friday: Fall Shoe Trends

I’m back with another Trending Friday post and today it’s all about fall shoe trends. If you haven’t seen my Trending Friday series yet, it’s all about fashion trends that I’m loving. From hair accessories to everyone’s obsession with leopard print.

Like I said though, today is all about fall shoe trends. There are quite a few out there right now, but I’m sharing three that have stood out the most to me lately. I think they’re all very wearable and easy to style whether you’re dressing up for a night out or going for your casual, everyday look.

Here are my favorite fall shoe trends:

Fall 2019 Shoe Trends

Combat Boots

I’m a huge fan of this trend. Combat boots are one of those things that I think aren’t really a trend, but more of a wardrobe staple. They’ll always be in style if you ask me. Get yourself a good black pair and you’ll have them forever.

Cowboy Boots

Did someone say yee-haw? Lol. OK, that was a bad joke. But honestly, cowboy boots are so cool if you ask me. Of course I like to add a city girl spin to mine. Like this white pair for example. They have that western vibe but the white takes them up a notch in my opinion.

Animal Print

Snakeskin is hot, hot, hot right now. Everywhere I turn there’s snakeskin booties on someone’s feet. And I can’t blame them. Snakeskin is so good. I’m also loving embossed crocodile print as well. Like this pair – aren’t these so chic?

What’s your favorite fall shoe trend this year? You’ll definitely find me wearing all three of these!

xx, Ceta



  1. Christine

    Love all of these looks so much but especially the first leopard dress!! So cute and versatile! Wish I had seen this last fall. Fingers crossed I can find something similar this year!


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