Fall Shoe Trends I Love

Fall Shoe Trends

Well, whether we’re ready or not, fall is almost here. Clark and Stone are officially back in school and summer is coming to an end. Fall is my favorite season of the year. Some people dread it because that means winter is coming, but I honestly look forward to it. I especially love fall fashion. One of my favorite fall details? The shoes. There are so many amazing fall shoe trends this year, I simply had to share my favorites with you.

Fall Shoe Trends I Love

The Dad Sneaker

A lot of people aren’t sure if they’re into these shoes yet but I’m obsessed. For a busy mom that’s always on the go, I love it when a sneaker is one of the season’s most trendy items. Plus you can always dress a cool sneaker up or down, which is a win in my book.

White Boots

White boots really made their debut last year, but they’re still going strong. If you were waiting to buy a pair to see if the trend would last, I’m loving [this pair]. They might be a little difficult to keep clean, especially in the city, but I think they’re worth the extra effort.

Lace Up Boots

This takes me back to the 90s and I couldn’t be happier. Lace-up boots are like utility meets fashion. I’d recommend a pair with a chunky sole. You can wear them with a slip or shift dress or jeans for a more casual look.

Kitten Heels

I love a good stiletto just as much as the next woman, but these knees are happy that one to three-inch heels are back in style. You can rock a kitten heel slingback, something strappy or even a short block heel, the key is to keep it under three inches.


And speaking of slingbacks. They get their own category because they’re having a major moment as well. They kind of have a slight vintage feel to them, but I’m loving it. I’m seeing them most frequently in white, so if you’re thinking about giving the trend a try, go neutral.


I am a city girl through and through. However, when it comes to shoes, I’d be willing to give the cowboy boot trend a try. Plus, wearing boots with a western feel is the perfect way to transition all your summer dresses into fall.

What fall shoe trends are you loving this year? I hope you found something on this list you’re obsessed with like me. And if not, it’s always fun to give something new and different a try—afterall that’s what fashion is all about.



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