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OK, let me preface this blog title by saying this is self-proclaimed. Clark and Stone haven’t officially referred to me as being cool per se. But I do think my best friend Andrea is the absolute coolest. Then again, doesn’t everyone think this about their best friend? All of this to say, I think we are pretty cool moms and I love our style. It’s actually a little frightening how similar our style is. Hence, this post and our photoshoot. So, sit back and let the shopping begin. We still have a few weeks left of summer to raise the bar and be super cool.

Summer Fashion

Mom Summer Style

My formula for summer is quite simple. Graphic tees, denim skirts, and sneakers are the perfect look for summertime style. The thing I love most about my cool mom summer style is all of the pieces are transitional. All you need to transition this look to fall is an oversized blazer and over the knee boots and tights. Although I have to admit, I’m a sucker for an oversized blazer year-round.

The last thing you need as a mom during the summer is a big tote. You know, even though my sons are older I still have to tote a ton of their stuff around with me. Therefore, a tote will always be a part of my style no matter what time of year it is.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are so much fun in the summertime. You can wear them with just about anything. Here are a few of my favorites.

Denim Skirts

I love wearing denim skirts in the summertime. I opt for mini but I love denim pencil skirts as well. There are so many options for denim skirts during the summer. I also love culottes, which aren’t really skirts but offer a skirt silhouette because of the fullness in the leg.


I’m a sucker for sneakers year-round. I live for sneakers for comfort sake. I just simply can’t get enough of wearing them. I am definitely here for sneaker culture. I love high tops for sure but have recently fallen in love with low tops as well.


I love big bags. I’m not sure if my shoulders do, but I’m here for fashion over function. The thing is, it’s probably not the bag that’s heavy. It’s all the junk that I load in it but I can’t help myself. I always have a ton of stuff between me and Clark and Stone. It’s either a water bottle, a book, a baseball mitt, and even a change of clothes. You can never be too prepared. Check out a few of my faves.

I hope you found something you’d like to wear for the rest of the summer. It’s been my go-to style formula for a while now and I just had to share.




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