My Favorite Chicago Restaurants [Kids Edition]


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Chicago is my kinda town. I love the dining scene so much and try to go out to eat at least twice a month. Trying new restaurants is honestly one of my favorite things to do. I even shared my favorite Chicago restaurants for adults. It was so well received that I decided to share my favorite Chicago restaurants that I go to with Clark and Stone. My choices are my tried and true with them. Here are my picks.

Chicago Dining With Children

Most Chicago restaurants are kid friendly but then there are some that go above and beyond for kids. You see it in the way they greet you when you come in the door. One good tell-tale sign if a restaurant is kid friendly is checking to see if they have high chairs. Or, if they have a diaper changing station in their restroom. The menu also proves if your little ones are a priority. Although one of our favorites does not have a kid menu, they make up for it tenfold by giving the option to alter the menu the best way possible for the kiddos.

  1. Crosby’s Kitchen– It’s a rotisserie focused, extremely family friendly restaurant located in Lakeview. We are not Lakeview residents but we frequent this place quite often. I love that the menu consists of more than the typical burger and chicken fingers for kids. The boys also love the skillet cornbread with maple butter. My fave is the Brussel sprouts salad.
  2. LuxBar– This used to be my happy hour spot when I was single. I love that LuxBar offers so many things depending on your stage in life. Now, it has become our family spot. Clark and Stone especially love it in the summertime. They love the Miller Farms chicken fingers, the sweet Thai chili calamari and the grilled cheese. My personal fave is the kale and avocado salad with grilled salmon. It’s equally delicious for brunch. The boys love the Nutella waffle with a side of bacon.
  3. Roots Pizza– Located in West Town, Roots Pizza was our first stop when we moved to East Village. The tableside dough is worth its weight in gold. The boys can play with it for hours before they have any interest in a handheld device. The pizza is really good too. Throw in mozzarella sticks and curly fries and its a party for us all. It’s also right next door to
    West Town Bakery, which is where we go to pick up cake balls for dessert.
  4. Momotaro– I know what you’re thinking – I’m nuts. However, Clark loves it here. He asked if he could go for his birthday. It’s definitely a splurge or special occasion restaurant for kids. Well, only if your child has a huge appetite like Clark’s. Note, we did not take this into consideration when we agreed to take him for his birthday. They will remove wasabi from selections for your kids. They also have noodle dishes and tsukune, which are chicken skewers that the boys love.
  5. Aster Hall– This place is by far the most casual dining option, yet, the fanciest, most dietary accommodating food court I  have ever been to in my life. It’s located at 900 North Michigan Shops – one of my favorite shopping destinations. We go to Aster Hall just for dinner now. It’s also our after-school snack and our weekend go-to lunch spot. The boys love Small Cheval burgers and Sushi Station. Oh, and it’s impossible getting out of there without a Doughnut Vault doughnut or something from the bakery inside. Aster Hall has also become my work location after drop off. I can grab a great cup of coffee and work away in one of the plush leather chairs by the window.
  6. Beatrix– This is my allergy friendly oasis. They can accommodate everything. They offer gluten-free and dairy-free options. The kids also have very healthy options outside of the norm. They love the turkey meatloaf, the chicken meatballs and the caramel pie. The chili and chocolate glazed salmon is a personal fave of mine.
  7. Eden– We discovered Eden thanks to Little Diners Crew over a year ago. The restaurant offers New American cuisine equipped with its own greenhouse for its herbs and vegetables. We have since paid several visits for brunch and dinner. It also helps that it’s right by our house. My first, and certainly not the last, time having quinoa cakes was at Eden. Clark and Stone have no idea how healthy the pancakes are here. The seasonal veggie omelet is always calling my name as well.
  8. Mr. Brown’s Lounge–  Little Diner’s Crew also introduced us to this gem. They have two locations – one inside St. Jane Hotel, which I had the pleasure of staying at in the fall and just recently after the polar vortex. They also have a location in Ukranian Village. The boys love the jerk chicken without the sauce and the macaroni and cheese. Mama is all about the banana pudding. It’s so good!

Did I leave any off the list? I’m always looking for more kid-friendly Chicago restaurants, so please share any recommendations. Otherwise, enjoy and Bon appetite!




  1. Corinne Offutt

    Great post Ceta~! We LOVE Club Lucky for the kids… they eat so much broccoli and meatballs there! They are so kid friendly and also have great options for GF and DF!


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