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Is it me or did this year fly by? I simply can’t believe all the changes that have occurred in my life. How about you? In addition to starting a blog, I’ve had personal health changes take place as well. I am now allergic to gluten, which effects my joints. Painful, right? As I navigate through this new world of allergies and being gluten-free, I must share what has been my saving grace—Chicago Bone Broth.

Chicago Bone Broth

I discovered Chicago Bone Broth at Chicago Health Foods. Until recently, I wore a knee brace on my left and right knees due to inflammation in my joints. I stopped by Chicago Health Foods store on Maple Street and an employee suggested I try Chicago Bone Broth.

Chicago Bone Broth is based in Chicago, of course, and it is owned and operated by husband and wife Dan and Kassie Houlihan. Dan and Kassie believe real food can be powerful like medicine. Due to my personal experience, I have to say I agree. I began drinking Chicago Bone Broth during my 90 day anti-inflammatory diet before blood tests determined the culprit behind my joint pain.

Chicago Bone Broth uses high quality farmers for their chicken and beef bone broths. They also infuse additional herbs such as turmeric, ginger, rosemary, and sage into their Simply Chicken and Simply Beef formulas. Other flavors include, Sub Zero (which happens to be my personal favorite), Lemongrass Chicken, and Java Broth.

Chicago Bone Broth



This is the number one reason why I drink Chicago Bone Broth. If I eat gluten, my knees will swell to the size of a person twice my size and it becomes difficult to walk without a knee brace. The bone broth has a high dose of arginine, which helps to fight systemic inflammation.


Bone broth produces collagen, the protein that builds skin and protects from wrinkling and aging. Dietary collagen is far better than expensive cosmetic collagen creams that only last temporarily.

Gut Health

The gut, often referred to as our second brain, connects with the largest population of immune cells in our bodies. Immune health and gut microbiome are vastly connected. Hence, the need to have perfect gut health.

Drink Up

While there are many healthy benefits, Chicago Bone Broth actually tastes really good, too. I had the chance to meet with Dan Houlihan a few months ago and I was so intrigued by his reason for starting the company. In addition to being a father of three, Dan is also a personal trainer with a background in chemistry and exercise science—it’s no wonder health and wellness is second nature for him. He did his research when he decided to start this company and I’m eternally grateful.

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