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Walmart Back To School

Clark and Stone really can’t wait to go back to school. We are all crossing our fingers that back to school with friends will be our reality. Mommy is also hoping BTS takes place at school so I can get things done. Either way, we are getting ready now. I always like to be prepared so we decided to do a little more shopping at Walmart.

A few weeks ago I teamed up with Walmart to begin back to school shopping with Clark and Stone. I decided I should stock up on a few more items. In addition to more clothes and shoes for school, I thought of the little things that the boys need like a watch, a belt, and sunglasses. I don’t know about your boys but mine can never keep up with their belts. I also added school supplies because they will need supplies no matter where school takes place. And last but not least, I added undergarments for the boys.

Back To School With Walmart

I love Walmart for back to school shopping because it’s affordable and convenient. You can shop online and choose in-store pick up. Or, you can enjoy free two-day shipping. Clark and Stone get a kick out of shopping online. It’s so much easier than taking them to a store. We get to shop for fun, cool, and functional clothing in the comfort of our own home. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  1. 365 Garanimals Kids Pack
  2. Levi’s skinny fit
  3.  Jurassic park 5 piece backpack
  4. Skater sneaker
  5. Russel Packable jacket
  6.  Freestyle revolution 3 piece outfit
  7. Utility shorts
  8. Unbreakable sunglasses
  9.  Watch
  10. Jogger 3 piece set
  11. Belts
  12. Distressed shorts
  13. Short set
  14. Shaq shoes
  15. Backpack
  16. Hoodie shorts

Back To School Accessories



Back To School Supplies


I hope your littles are just as excited as Clark and Stone are for school to resume. Are you team remote learning or team school? Either way, school is key for the future of our little ones.

This post is sponsored by Walmart but all opinions are my own.





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