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Laser Treatment

It’s been awhile since I launched the My Chicago section of my blog. In case you don’t remember because it’s been that long, My Chicago is where I will feature a Chicago person, place, or thing that I think is pretty cool. To kick off this month, I’m sharing the amazing, state of the art, West Town spa, BEaUtify AMS.

BEaUtify AMS

BEaUtify AMS, located in West Town, specializes in anti-aging and rejuvenation techniques, treatments, and products to leave you feeling beautiful. I had the pleasure of visiting BEaUtify AMS for the first time several weeks ago.

As a stay-at-home mom, I really try to carve time out for myself. It is quite difficult because I’m either running the boys around from activities, volunteering at school, or working on the blog. However, this day I found time because I got to meet up with a few moms from my Mom Squad. In addition to medical grade facials, the spa offers the latest in technology to help women and mothers look and feel their best. Services range from hair removal, fillers, skin tightening, and laser facial and body treatments. Co-Founder, Edith Diaz, has the most beautiful skin, so you definitely know you’re in good hands. Edith is a licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician. She makes sure her staff creates a unique and personalized experience for you.


Medical Grade Facial

I opted for a facial with aesthetician, Tatyana Billmaier. She is quite lovely and gave my skin the tlc it was looking for. Tatyana also makes some of her own products, which my skin greatly appreciated. I was so relaxed while receiving my facial that I wanted to fall asleep. While great skin is a priority, there are times where I feel like the rest of me has fallen apart as I’ve gotten older. Child birth definitely adds to those changes you experience with getting older. BEaUtify AMS also offers Alma Lasers fat reduction for those stubborn and more difficult areas to tone.

Ultra Femme 360

Okay, here is the deal. I’m sure no one wants to talk about this, but, hey, I’ve been known to be no holds barred, so, here goes. I had two baby boys that weighed more than I could imagine for my small frame at the time. While I had two c-sections due to my body not going into labor, I still developed an extremely weak pelvic floor. Ultra Femme 360 is like a mini face lift for your lady parts. New collagen fibers and increased blood flow restores the vagina to its original youthful state. I no longer have to go to the potty (I still use kid words) right away — I can hold it and not have to worry about incontinence.


Another amazing treatment  that I would love to try, is the Vanquish body contouring procedure, which uses heat (unlike Coolscupting) to kill fat cells in a non-invasive way. The results are painless fat removal from the abdomen, thighs, love handles, and buttocks just to name a few.

If you are looking for a new medical spa with top notch treatments and staff, head over to West Town and pay BEaUtify a visit. Plan a solo trip or make it a girls day out — they will help you with your heart’s desire.

BEaUtify AMS,  830 North Ashland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622, (312) 465-2863,




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