Back To School With Walmart


I find it so hard to believe that summer is almost over. Personally, I feel like summer just really started here in Chicago. The thought of having to get back on a structured schedule is exciting and exhausting at the same time. However, I look forward to buying new clothes for Clark and Stone every year for back to school. After all, I will have a third grader and a first grader so I want them to look cool. This year I went to Walmart to get them ready for the school year.

Walmart Style

I take great pride in dressing my boys. In fact, I love giving them the creative freedom to express themselves through their wardrobe. I gave up the battle of trying to get them to wear what I want them to wear long ago. That’s why I’ve come up with a formula for giving them great clothes and at a great price that they can choose to wear to school. And, that’s why I chose Walmart to get my boys ready in style.

Clark and Stone’s style is very similar. It has everything to do with them being 18 months apart. They want the same thing that the other has. Therefore, I literally buy the same thing for each of them every school year. Ironically, they never style a look the same way. Clark is wearing a graphic tee by Wonder Nation. His t-shirt comes in a two-pack. The second tee is a gray and blue henley that is perfect with khakis in the fall. I love denim shorts for boys so this was the perfect pair for Clark’s slim frame.

Stone is wearing a graphic tee that says good vibes. It’s an ideal option during the warmer weeks of back to school. Depending on where you live, your boys can wear Clark and Stone’s looks year-round. Stone’s all-time favorite part of his back to school look are his And 1 sneakers. Stone is a die-hard basketball fan and he’s convinced his black tennis shoes make him run really fast. I like his attitude because come September, I want him to jump up and getting ready on the first go of me asking him to get up and get dressed. Is it me or are children extremely difficult to wake up on school days but easier on the weekend?

There is no such thing as back to school without a brand new backpack. Walmart has all of your backpack needs. Clark and Stone are obsessed with superheroes but there are backpacks available for everyone’s back to school needs.

Comfort and Ease

Comfort and ease are huge priorities when shopping for Clark and Stone. My boys are very active so I have to make sure they are comfortable. It also has to be easy for me. I am so busy driving them from activity to activity. I like to shop at a place that makes it easier for mamas to take care of their families. The convenience that Walmart provides is bar none.

I had the option of picking up most of the items that I bought online in-store. I prefer shipping everything directly home with the option to return in-store. Plus, you simply can’t beat the prices. Walmart definitely thought of their shoppers by providing free 2-Day shipping. They also provide shipping updates immediately after you place an order. As a mama, you need to know when to be home to receive packages. Stay at home mamas are never actually at home. So this makes me very happy to know I have an exact day to expect my packages.

School and Style

Clark and Stone are ready to go back to school and thanks to Walmart, they are ready in style. Walmart has great style for the whole family. While Clark and Stone are ready for class, I’m ready for drop off and pick up too. Bring on the school year. We’re ready!

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