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I have a little over a week before Clark and Stone head back to school. Summertime is bittersweet because I love having them around, however, by the third week of August, I am ready for them to be back in school. September can’t come fast enough, so I just finished my back to school shopping for them. I love dressing my boys and I love their personal style. Let me share some of my favorite items for back to school style for boys.

Back To School Style

Clark and Stone have their own sense of style. Clark likes polos and jeans and Stone would live in athletic wear if I let him. I enjoy shopping for them and seeing their style evolve. Over the years I’ve created a formula that if I give great options their style can continue to be their own. Sharing the foundation pieces I buy for them for back to school style for boys will help you too.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are a must for my boys. It can take any outfit from OK to cool. My favorite bomber jacket from Lola & The Boys is perfect. I love army green on boys and this one with the tiger on the back is quilted. Bomber jackets are also great for transitioning into fall.


Clark loves wearing polos to school. They’re so versatile. You can dress them up or down. Clark wears them with jeans and sweats. I love buying polos in fun colors for boys—the brighter the better I always say. J.Crew makes polos with cute little objects like cars and sharks on them. I just wish he would pop the collar then mama would be in heaven. Those days are over for me because Clark has an opinion and it’s no thank you on the collar popped. I’ve learned to pick my battles.


I love joggers for the boys for school. Stone especially needs the “easier the better” pieces now that he’s no longer in preschool. I love the fun prints that joggers come in for boys. The dinosaur joggers are in their school colors—blue and orange. They are a great option for spirit day on Friday’s at school. Joggers look super cute with matching sweatshirts, button-down shirts, and of course, polo shirts.


Every little boy needs a few solid pairs of jeans. Clark and Stone are on the slim side so I buy skinny jeans. Again, I like bright colors like the gold color Stone is wearing. However, I also love them in distressed denim washes.


I am pretty loyal when it comes to kicks. The boys wear Nike and Adidas. I tend to buy Nike for sports and Adidas for casual looks. They both have p.e. every day so a great pair of kicks is a must. The Adidas gazelle is one of my favorites for them because they come in different colors every season.


Nothing says back to school like a new backpack. I tend to look for fun prints or anything camouflage. I was definitely destined to give birth to two boys.

Photography: Hallie Duesenberg

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