What I Wear To The Gym and My Athleisure Staples

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If you follow me on Instagram or Instastories, you know I’m quite active at the gym. Working out has always been a part of my lifestyle and what I wear to the gym and my athleisure staples are just as important. I won’t say that I enjoy working out, but I will say I enjoy the benefits of working out. There’s just something about feeling like you look good, and I get that feeling after working out consistently. I feel like I want to relive my teenage years in a crop top even though I probably won’t do that, lol.

Workout Routines

Trying different workouts keeps me motivated because otherwise, I get bored quickly. For the most part, I choose to workout with a personal trainer for accountability. Before I had Clark and Stone, I was that person that loved to workout and I did so 5 to 6 times a week. I even did two a days if I had a beach vacation coming up. But now I need a trainer to keep me going.

I’m currently working out at East Bank Club with Zach Glasgow.  Zach keeps me in shape through circuit training.  I work out with him for 45 minutes unless I’m running late. I mostly do high intensity workouts because I have a sweet tooth and it helps burn calories. We do exercises such as box jumps, battle ropes, planks, free weights, and lots and lots of squats.

I also love mixing in Pilates and boxing rounds to my workout regimen. I started boxing in January with Terrence at Soho House Chicago. Boxing keeps me thinking quick on my feet, literally. Terrence is an amazing trainer as he makes it fun, and he also makes sure you have proper form.  He’s made me a fan of the jump rope (just kidding) but I know it’s great cardio.

Page One Pilates keeps my muscles long and lean  Ballet dancers bodies are probably what I strive to have as a woman. I struggle with stretching after my workouts so Pilates is perfect for me. I like to incorporate Pilates one to two days a week.

Barry’s Bootcamp has two locations here in Chicago, and I frequent the River North location. This is a killer workout when I really want to sweat and be sore. Andrew Keys is another amazing personal trainer that I see often at Barry’s.

Just about any class that Carla Jian teaches is a game-changer – she teaches in a few spots, all great workouts. I took Carla’s Yoga Sculpt class at Core Power Yoga. The class is in a heated room with 3lb-10lb weights depending on your personal preference. You sweat your butt off, literally, while working out to the hottest playlist. I highly recommend you try out her classes. Carla also owns a company, CASA Wellness, that helps you with your eating and staying clean which is more than half of your workout efforts.

Last, but not least, is Studio Lagree. It’s very similar to Pilates but the machine is called the mega former. It’s hard but so worth it. You can ease into it and there are tons of modifications for this intense workout.

Athleisure Staples

When I work out, I like to wear looks that are comfortable without sacrificing my personal style. So, my athleisure staples always start with a comfortable legging, a cool jacket, a cute tank, and high performance sneakers.

My comfort zone is wearing black but I am venturing out with color. In this look, I am wearing Stella McCartney Adidas running tights, a Lululemon mesh jacket, and a Muhammad Ali tank from Forever 21. I’m a huge fan of crop graphic tanks over my sports bra. I love high-waisted leggings for covering up my weekend sins i.e. doughnuts, burgers, milkshakes, cakes, and cookies. I’m usually not a crop top kind of girl but I love the boxy cut of this one from Forever21.

In terms of the shoes I work out in, I’m very loyal and I only wear Nike because they fit my feet really well. Outside of working out, you will often find me in hightop because that’s my jam. I’m also obsessed with Stan Smiths and Adidas Superstars. I love that now due to athleisure,  I can wear my workout gear out even if I am not working out. In fact, I’ve worn my Lulu jacket many times with a denim skirt, cut offs, and hightops.

Living Life

Balance is the key to this thing called life. Working out and eating healthy continues to be a work in progress for me. I love eating and I LOVE sweets, but what I wear to the gym encourages me to show up and actually work out. My athleisure staples gives me just one more way to express myself with fashion.

Jacket: Lulelmon (old) / Leggings: Stella MCartney Adidas / Tank: Forever 21 / ShoesNike

Photography: Hallie Duesenberg


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