A Night at St. Jane Hotel

Chicago’s Luxury Hotel

Recently, I wrote a post on how I maintain my sense of self since becoming a mom. I shared how difficult it can be. However, I also shared why it is necessary. I had the pleasure of attending the opening of St. Jane Hotel and immediately thought of a moms’ night out. After viewing the rooms, I decided to make it a momcation. I got together with fellow mom bloggers, Andrea Levoff and Tail Kogan, for a night of motherhood unplugged.

Local Momcation

Over the summer Andrea and I headed to New York for a much-needed momcation. However, that was in May. I truly live by making myself a priority since starting the blog. It is so tough for me to keep my days and nights straight. So, when I feel I’m about to become a little unhinged, I act on it immediately. I am a mom that wants to be proactive when it comes to my wellness. Plus, did I mention it’s named after Jane Addams? I have to support anything affiliated with the “mother” of social work. Jane Addams was a leader in the women’s suffrage movement and world peace. Don’t you like this hotel already?

I realized I didn’t have the time to get away for more than an evening. Summer schedules are so busy. Therefore, I needed a local alternative to a quick getaway. Hence, the decision to stay at the St. Jane Hotel for an overnight stay.

The hotel is located on Michigan Avenue inside the historic Carbide and Carbon building. It is Chicago’s newest boutique hotel with opulent and modern accommodations. The girls and I wanted to lay low and not leave the building and that’s exactly what we did. We got in our bathrobes, ate the snacks from the minibar, which by the way, are all local brands and sat down and had good old fashioned girl talk. Of course, we talked about our kids, the highs and the lows. We offered each other advice and a sounding board to just vent. Most importantly though, we had fun. A glass wine or maybe two can do a lot for a mom that needs to unwind.

St. Jane Hotel Tower Suites

Chicago Staycation

The Tower at St. Jane

We stayed in the Tower rooms of the hotel. First, let me start off by saying the hotel’s interior design is STUNNING! I mean it’s like luxury on steroids. Down to every detail, the hotel leaves you speechless. I even saw a Hebru Brantley painting in the lobby on the way to dinner. And the customer service begins at the hotel valet. The valets are all so polite. They greet you and escort you in with a member of staff to check you in. They offer you a glass of champagne while you are checking in. A staff member will then escort you to your rooms and offer a room tour.

Enter into luxury. The one bedroom suite I stayed in made it difficult to leave the next morning. If Clark and Stone didn’t have a birthday party to attend, I’m certain I would’ve asked for a late checkout. The room is designed with black and dark grey. There is a white marble dining table that offers you toiletries from Scratch Goods and a personal welcome note. This won me over. I love how they are supporting local businesses. I also love the attention to detail with customer service. Beautiful artwork along with amazing design and great customer service is always my formula for a great hotel.

Andrea had a room directly across the hall from me. This is when I threw my hands up and fell in love. There is a door that can lock outside of my room and Andrea’s room that’s perfect for families. It’s like having a private wing on your hotel floor. This is perfect when traveling with your family. Or, if you’re having a girls’ night. Basically, we left our hotel room doors open so we could go back and forth to each other’s room. It’s genius. Adjoining rooms scare me when traveling because Clark and Stone can leave the room. There is only one way in and out when you lock that hallway door. We were having a progressive slumber party instead of a progressive dinner. Constant back and forth from room to room.  It was so much fun.

Chicago Luxury Hotel

Chicago Luxury Stay

Scratch Goods

Free Reign

We got just a little dolled up around 7 pm and headed downstairs for dinner. Dinner at Free Reign was amazing. Free Reign is a contemporary American Brasserie inspired by French brasseries from Michelin starred chefs. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. The cocktail menu is out of this world. ‘What Would Jane Do’ is my favorite. For every wwjd drink ordered, $1 will be donated to ACLU. The fried chicken oysters, the baked goat cheese and the duck breast were a hit among the table. We also had the corn soup, the raw platter and a load of tasty desserts.

Chicago Dining

Just Do It

Next time you feel yourself hitting a wall, pull out your phone and start booking. Book a night away at St. Jane Hotel for much-needed r+r. It’s all about the oxygen mask—you’ve gotta take care of yourself first before you can take care of those little ones that we love so dearly.


Photography: Ali Appel



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