2019 Gift Guide For Kids

Gifts for Kids

Can you believe it’s that time of year again?  Well, technically it’s not that time of year but retailers say it is. So, here goes!  This is my gift guide for kids that includes all the things I would buy Clark and Stone or gifts for the other kids in my life. ‘Tis the season that now starts a full month early. Happy Shopping!

  1. Remote Control Retro Cars: I’m a boy mom and remote control cars are an all-time favorite amongst the boy crowd.
  2. Star Wars Millenium Falcon– This gift is a total splurge but my little Lego lover Clark would love to have it. Clark loves Star Wars and would be over the moon if this showed up under our tree. I hope Clark doesn’t read mommy’s blog. This just might be on Santa’s list for him.
  3. Blue Camo Ear Buds– Clark and Stone want whatever their dad has and Stephen is an earbud guy. They constantly tell me they are too old for headphones. As if that is a thing.  But, I get it. Little boys’ first hero is always their dad. This is the cutest little earbud set with a matching case. Perfect for our vacations.
  4. Kids Tetris Mini Arcade– Clark and Stone got one of these for their birthdays from their Aunt Fiona. Most importantly, they are perfect for travel and for when mommy needs a little quiet time.
  5. Kids Pajama Set in Black Tartan– Nothing says holidays like a classic pair of button-down pajamas in my tartan better known as my ultimate favorite holiday print.
  6. Pottery Barn Make It Mine Kids Luggage–  Clark and Stone love to travel so I fell in love with Pottery Barn’s make it mine custom luggage. I love the hard shell and the fun colors for girls and boys.
  7. Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter– Clark and Stone started off with the Micro Kickboard mini scooter when they were much younger. Now, they’ve moved on to the maxi which is for ages 5-12years old. It is our number one brand for the family. Yes, adults can get in on the fun too. After all, who doesn’t love scooter ride?
  8. Lego Iconic Chess Set– Clark and Stone’s father taught them how to play chess and they love it. I love this chess set made of Legos. It’s like the best of both worlds. In other words, if you have a chess and Lego lover in your family this the gift for them.
  9. Joke Wars Game– Clark and Stone are in that phase where they want to tell jokes and some of them are actually funny. This game is sure to be a family fun favorite. A good sense of humor is always a great idea.
  10. Motion Edition V2 Watch– Time management and executive functioning skills are key for any adult. This cute watch teaches kids early the importance of being organized with little icons to get them through the day.

I hope you’ve found this gift guide for kids helpful! If you have any requests for other gift guides, drop a comment or let me know on Instagram.



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