My Favorite ‘At-Home Chic’ Look

I decided to write today’s post because this head to toe Sézane look deserves a moment to shine. I mean, it’s so good, isn’t it? It serves as a great reminder that you can still look and feel chic while…

Stylish Coats

The Winter Coat Trend I’m Loving

I love summer weather as much as the next person, but there’s something cool about winter fashion too. Living in Chicago, I’ve done my fair share of winter dressing, including some very cozy winter coat options, and I have to…

Nordstrom Made Brands

Nordstrom has geared up for the holidays. They have everything your family needs. This year, I wanted to make a mini gift guide focusing on Nordstrom-made brands. I’m in love with the in-house fashion labels that Nordstrom has to offer….